Wide range of products
GSI Wind and our partners have more than 20 years of experience in developing, designing and producing products for the wind industry.
Below are our basic products If you have specific demands or requirements, do not hesitate to contact us.


The D-String® is a simple, yet effective, technology developed to eliminate cracks in the trailing edge max chord area by eliminating breathing as the root cause. Breathing in turbine blades is caused by edgewise loading as a result of gravity and induce peeling in the adhesive bond lines near the trailing edge and close to the webs. Peeling in the adhesive bond lines directly causes cracks, which may lead to larger failures in your blades.
The D-String® can be retro-fitted up-tower for rotor blades in operation, as well as installed in new blades prior to installation. The D-String® has been thoroughly tested at DTU, both in static and dynamic tests.
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For turbines installed in an environment with extra turbulent winds and earthquake prone areas, we recommend the X-Stiffener.
The X-stiffener™ prevents longitudinal cracks on the leading edge of the blades. These cracks are very often found after only a few years of operation. Experimental and theoretical modelling have proven that the installation of X-Stiffeners™ significantly reduces twisting and peeling stresses to a non-critical level. The twisting and peeling stresses increase with the length of the blades. Particularly blades with large flat-backs can benefit from X-stiffener™ installation. The installation of X-stiffeners™ prolongs the lifetime of your blades. For further information


LPS – Lightning Protection Systems
The default blades and turbines are built including LPS. However, in some areas with extreme lightning, the standard LPS is not sufficient.
In cooperation with the Danish company PolyTech, we can support your turbines with:
– Tip end receptor components and systems
– Multi receptor components and systems
– Surface protection system (Carbon Blades)
– Complete lightning protection kits and systems
– LPS design and production for the entire nacelle
– Current carrying systems from blade to hub
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Serrations have the following advantages:
– Minimize turbulence on the trailing edge
– Minimize drag
– Lower noise emission
– Increase power generation without having to replace any part of the turbine, while reducing the strain on the blades
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Blade Spoilers

By adding spoilers / chord extenders to the trailing edge of the blade in the root end, the power output will be increased.
– Spoilers can be added on installed blades or in the factory using tape, paste adhesive or screws according to customer requirements
– Spoilers can be supplied as a generic design or blade / turbine specific
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Blade Balancing Solutions
The liquid balancing system is injected directly into the blade via a Ø5min hole. The advantages are:
– The liquid 2K polymer will harden inside the blade creating a solid mass
– The liquid injection allows the rebalancing to take place onsite
We can provide automated machines used for injecting the material, ensuring critical processes and data interface with factory SCADA. For further information


LEP9 for blades
The LEP9 painting solution from Mankiewicz is a well proven solution that many OEM´s are recommending and using for their own blades. The LEP9 is specifically designed to protect leading edge areas, where a coating with excellent abrasion and erosion resistance is required.
This two-component, solvent-free polyurethane product has superior elasticity and flexibility for long-term leading edge protection.
Our Blade Technicians have several years of experience with this product and ensure the correct procedure for adding this material. For further information


Sky climber
Sky climbers are available for all types of turbines. Sky climbers are for sale or rental, and we provide training in how to establish and use the Sky climber yourself. For further information


Spare parts for all types of turbines
GSI Wind has a strong network and can support you with relevant spare parts. For further information