CEO speaker at AWEA 3rd Offshore Wind Day

GSI Wind A/S is honored to have been selected as a speaker at the 3rd Asia Offshore Wind Day in Tokyo, hosted by Asian Wind Energy Association (AWEA). Among other senior executives from the offshore wind industry, our CEO, Per Lapholm Christoffersen, presented a topic on “The role of an Independent Service Provider in the…

SG Wind Japan appointed

The subsidiary company of GSI Wind, SG Wind Japan, has been appointed to make blade repairs for V80 blades by the 
biggest wind turbine owner in Japan. The project is also including the leading edge protection (LEP) solution “LEP9”.

GWO certificated technicians

At SG Wind Japan the Management has safety behavior as one of the top priorities. As the CEO of SG Wind Japan Mr. Suto san explains, “the wind industry is a harsh industry, we need to ensure that our technicians are well aware about safety behavior, do know how to act in a safety manner…