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The blades are the biggest components and the foundation for your turbines producing power, not to mention that they are very expensive. The blades have become bigger and bigger and with the varying weather conditions and heavy loads, the blades are continuously put under high pressure.
To ensure the best performance, GSI Wind highly recommends that you are proactive, especially with regard to your blades.


GSI Wind offers two types of inspection:
a) Inspection done from the ground, using a camera, completed by specialists
b) Inspection done by rope, including a IRATA L3 technician on each team
Generally, we recommend a combination of both types. During the inspection, leading edge erosion, lightning damage and/or cracks will be classified into categories 1 to 5.
Upon completion you will receive a report, which includes the inspection, the root causes and a clear recommendation.


Repairing a blade quickly is critical to ensuring the performance of your turbine.
Our blades technicians have many years of experience within the industry. GSI Wind can, therefore, provide qualified technicians for all kinds of blade repair. Our repair services include lightning damage and system testing, structural repairs – internal and external, leading-edge erosion repair and protection and blade balancing.


Blades are the most important component to capture wind. You can improve your performance by investing in the upgrading of your blades. New products such as D-String, ELLE, lightning protections, Serrations, D-Stiffener and Blade Spoilers, depending on the type of blade, will improve the performance of your turbine.


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